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Funds Campaign

Well, I’m going to keep this short and to the point (I hope). I’m going to be losing my main staff position in January, which means a drastic cut in income, and I’m looking to cover three things that I can’t manage on my own: two pairs of glasses, which includes the cost of shaving them both down as much as possible, adding smudge resistant coating to the lenses, and the cost of frames themselves ($200); a new microphone for work, as I’ve managed to shatter mine ($200; I’ve decided on a Yeti), and accompanying pop filter ($70); and most importly, after my glasses (which I obviously need to see), is a hospital bill for $315 which came about as a result of a severe ear infection, and the fact that I am uninsured. 

Above all else I need some new glasses, because (as I’ve talked about before on my show) I have papilledema and the longer I’m without glasses the more eye strain I get, not to mention that I am very near-sighted and can’t see two feet in front of me without them.

If you can pitch in, then I’d be indebted, but if not then I understand! Thank you all for continuing to support the work that I do!

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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that’s given the goal has been met! A major thank you to @Kno who also donated a Yeti microphone I had listed on my Amazon wishlist. Thank you all!