Photojournal; Lebanon

The following photographs were taken during my visit to Lebanon nearly two weeks ago

Flags of Hezb’Allah and Lebanon; Arab Salim, south Lebanon

Heart of Arab Salim; a floating, raised fist – a symbol of resistance to Israel’s occupation of south Lebanon
A mosque (Muslim house of worship) in the village of Arab Salim, built after the 2006 war on Lebanon
The grove of olive trees where my aunt Hoda was killed by Israeli occupation forces in the 1980’s
Arab Salim, south Lebanon
Arab Salim, south Lebanon
Tyre beach, south Lebanon
Tyre beach, south Lebanon; friend Leila Saleh building a sand-castle.


Sun setting in south Lebanon
Hajj Imad Mughniye billboard in el Dahye, southern district of Beirut; Mughniye was a senior intelligence official in Hezb’Allah; assassinated by Israeli forces in 2008 in an car bomb blast.
Beirut, Lebanon


A mosque (Muslim house of worship) in south Lebanon
A destroyed Israeli tank in Bint Jbeil, south Lebanon
A statue in Bint Jbeil; a resistance fighter stands atop an Israeli military hardhat

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God bless Hezbollah <3


Hi , I have nominated you for the Reality
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Mohammad Askari ???? ?????
Mohammad Askari ???? ?????

Excellant photos ! I wish I could visit Lebanon in my life . Whenever I remember Lebanon it reminds me of late Muahammed Jawad Mughniyah, Muhammed Mahdi Chamseddine, and Hashim Ma’roof al Hasani. Their books have enlightened me.