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PhotoJournal And Update From Lebanon

Greetings from the intensely hot and humid Lebanon; a longer update is forthcoming, but for now here are a slew of photographs I took during while in my native south Lebanon and in el Dahye, the southern district of Beirut:

Memorial for martyrs of 2006 ‘July War’

Southern District of Beirut; Hai-el-Masbagha
Heading out towards south Lebanon


A masjid, i.e. Muslim place of worship, in Lebanon
Eid greetings from Resistance movement Hezb’Allah
South Lebanon; homes in the distance
High atop a mountain in south Lebanon locals marked the date of the south’s liberation, May 25, 2000: the date which Israeli forces were ousted from our south Lebanon villages by Resistance forces
A destroyed Israeli tank in Bint Jbeil
The view from Maroun el-Ras of Palestine
Palestine, as seen from Maroun el-Ras; south Lebanon
The Palestine-Lebanon bored; Maroun el-Ras, south Lebanon
Tourist attraction in Maroun el-Ras; viewing towers allow you to see all of Lebanon-Palestine border
Tours in Maroun el-Ras, south Lebanon
Top of tower in Maroun el-Ras, south Lebanon
Top of tower in Maroun el-Ras, south Lebanon
Inside of Maroun el-Ras tourist attraction

Side-note: The Maroun el-Ras tourist attraction is less than 1 mile from the border with occupied Palestine. It features a dining area, picnic area and paintball field. Also there is a replica of the Dome of the Rock (Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah), the beloved Muslim place of worship located in Jerusalem, on the premises.


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Why are there Iranian flags in Lebanon?

Roqayah Chamseddine

The tourist attraction in Maroun el-Ras was funded, in part, by Iran; therein it is no surprise that Iranian flags are seen.

???? ?????

excellant photographs. I have saved them and have send them to orhers.